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Course Coordinator - Master of Data Science

The Master of Data Science Course Coordinator provides leadership in the development and maintenance of Master of Data Science course administration. The Course Coordinator may also design and develop assessments and materials within the curriculum and related course materials. All applications must be submitted online to UBC Staff Careers Page.

Organizational Status

Reports to the Option Co-Directors of the Master of Data Science Vancouver program. Works collaboratively with faculty and staff in the Computer Science department.

Work Performed

Acts as an academic advisor to a wide range of students, including addressing academic policy issues with students; recruits and functionally supervises undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants.

Maintains course materials and technical platforms, including but not limited to web pages, quizzes on canvas.ubc.ca, assignments, peer-grading software, an electronic problem set hand in system, and version control systems for labs, assignments and projects.

Develops course materials and technical platforms and acts as a content advisor for students.

Keeps current on the new software available to support teaching and website development; identifies additional software necessary for the effective instruction and assessment of students, and takes primary responsibility for assessing its feasibility; makes recommendations to faculty members and leads in the deployment of new software by coordinating with technical staff on requirements and timelines; troubleshoots problems with teaching and learning technologies.

Reports potential cases of academic misconduct to course instructor(s) and helps them deal with such cases appropriately by coordinating and executing the administrative process.

Participates in the documentation and assessment of course-level policies and assists in developing and redesigning procedural guidelines and policies to meet educational and program goals.

Assists in the development of course, assignment and examination materials and provides academic support in the development and production of course offerings where expertise is appropriate.

Coordinates the Master of Data Science Capstone project course, including liaising with Capstone partner organizations and coordinating the Capstone seminar series.

Regularly communicates with course staff including faculty members, GTAs and UTAs; acts as a bridge between instructional faculty and Teaching Assistants; manages logistics, resources and communication.

Assists students with registration in lecture and lab sections; responds to grade queries from students; uploads grades to the learning management system.

Participates in the evaluation of Teaching Assistants.

Provides materials and answers queries on lab logistics and timesheets; provides first level support for administrative questions from students and TAs; resolves student schedule and midterm conflicts; schedules TA duties and manages any required changes to TA duties throughout the term;

Other special projects may be assigned by his/her supervisors.

Performs other duties related to the qualifications and requirements of the job.

Consequence of Error/Judgement

Errors in judgment may result in the inefficient use of resources, and may damage the image and reputation of the University and the Master of Data Science program.

Supervision Received

Works independently with general direction of Master of Data Science Vancouver Option Co-Directors and the Master of Data Science academic team members who are teaching the courses supported by this role.

Supervision Given

Will provide functional supervision for undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants.

Minimum Qualifications

University degree in a relevant discipline. Minimum of two years of related experience, or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Will provide functional supervision for undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants.