Chiara Di Gravio

Gabriela V. Cohen Freue

Instrumental Variables Selection: A Comparison between Regularization and Post-Regularization Methods

Statistician- Medical Research Council, Lifecourse, Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton, UK

Lindsay Dunn

Nancy Reid

Modelling survival rates in bilateral breast cancer

Statistician, UBC Faculty of Medicine Pulmonary Research Laboratory, Vancouver

Nhu D. Le

John Petkau

Statistical analysis of the temporal-spatial structure of pH levels from the MAP3S/PCN monitoring network

PhD student, University of Washington

Hon Wai (Wilson) Ma

Harry Joe
James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Smoothing locally regular processes by Bayesian nonparametric methods, with applications to acid rain data

Randy Sitter

John Petkau

The design of quantal response experiments and the modelling of quantal response experiments over time

PhD student, University of Wisconsin

Bencivenga Roberto

Michael Schulzer

A statistical analysis of electroencephalographic spikes in benign Rolandic. epilepsy of childhood

Ping H. Ma

Frederick P. Glick

Disagreement : estimation of relative bias or discrepancy rate

Department of Statistics UBC as consultant and lecturer

Mai Phuong Thompson

Harry Joe

Statistical modelling of sediment concentration

Robert Eugene Lee

Harry Joe

A statistical analysis of finding the best predictor of success in first year calculus at the University of British Columbia

Statistician, University of Victoria

Janis Chang

John Petkau

Analysis of ordered categorical data