Youshi Chen

Harry Joe

Estimation with multivariate extreme value distributions, with applications to environmental data

Paul Antony Gustafson

Mohan Delampady

Hierarchical modelling of multivariate survival data

PhD, Carnegie Mellon Univ

Raymond Rui Fang

Andrew Coldman

Simultaneous and sequential ROC analyses for diagnostic tests

BC Cancer Agency

Brad McNeney

John Petkau

Overdispersion in Poisson regression

PhD student, University of Washington

Jinko Graham

John Petkau

Longitudinal analysis for binary and count data

PhD student, Univ of Washington

Sonia Mazzi

Ruben H. Zamar

A new measure of quantitative robustness

PhD student, Department of Statistics

Saluti Komungoma

James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Assessment of the quality for the NADP/NTN date based on their predictability

Richard Alan White

Ruben H. Zamar

The detection and testing of multivariate outliers

Statistics and Consulting Laboratory, UBC

Ed Susko

Juxin Liu

Segmented regression modelling with an application to German exchange rate. data

PhD student, Univ of Waterloo

Wade Blanshard

Juxin Liu

Forecasting value-weighted real returns of TSE portfolios using dividend yields.

Consultant, Dept of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing, Dalhousie Univ