Yulia Dyachkova

John Petkau

Analysis of Longitudinal Data from the Betaseron Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trial

Statistical Analyst, Department of Pathology, Pulmonary Research Lab, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Robert St-Aubin

Nancy E. Heckman

Smoothing Parameter Selection when Errors are Correlated and Application to Ozone Data

Ph.D. student in Computer Science, UBC

Jeevanantham Rajeswaran

Bent Jorgensen

Some Statistical Properties of Multivariate Proper Dispersion Models

Statistical Analyst, Dept. of Health Care & Epidemiology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Jaroslaw Harezlak

Nancy E. Heckman

Bump Hunting in Regression Revisited

Biostatistician, Dept. of Medicine at Indiana University & Purdue University (IUPUI) in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.

Kathy (Huiqing) Li

James V. Zidek

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Ambient Hourly PM10 in Vancouver

Statistician, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Huiying Sun

Nancy E. Heckman

Log Hazard Regression

Statistical Analyst, Department of Health Care & Epidemiology, UBC

Fatemah Alqallaf

Paul Gustafson

Bayesian Cross-Validation Choice and Assessment of Statistical Models

Ph.D. student, Institute of Applied Mathematics, UBC

Alexander Smith

John Petkau

Design Strategies for Repeated MRI Scanning in Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials

Research Biostatistician, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Kelly Kwok

Juxin Liu

Dynamic Modelling for Foreign Exchange Rates

Statistican, Equity Security Department in Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

Ryan Wai Tse

Juxin Liu

Extension of the VaR Approach to Portfolio Selection with Non-normal Returns

Statistical Analyst, Workers' Compensation Board, Richmond, BC