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Student Paper Award Winner - Camila de Souza

Dr. Camila de Souza has been selected to receive the Journal of Nonparametric Statistics’ Best Student Paper Award for her paper "Switching nonparametric regression models”.  
This is work that came from Camila’s thesis, under the supervision of Nancy Heckman, and is work that Camila has been extending this summer with USRA Helena Xu.  The paper and Camila’s current work involve estimating regression functions that are piecewise smooth, with changes driven by a latent state model.  Her work has application to energy consumption in buildings with multiple coolers.  When a fixed number of coolers is in operation, energy consumption is a smooth function of time.  However, energy consumption jumps to a different level when a new cooler comes on-line or is turned off.

August 7, 2015