Alexandre Bouchard-Côté

Some recent questions on Piazza

“Why do we care about Probability mass function for slope first rather than Density plot for slope” — Anon

“I’d like to ask how others interpreted this question: How would you proceed to set the prior distributions in this application example?” — Initiated by Anon, contributed by 4 Anons

Also related to: “Overly diffuse (non-informative) priors biasing the Bayes factor?” — Sierra

Idea: performing forward simulation from models based on different priors.

“I’m still a bit lost on what the following equation is representing” — Anon

\[\Pi_n(\cdot) = \Pi_n(\cdot | X_1, X_2, \dots, X_n)\]

Fair question!!! Let us walk over what the notation means for a concrete problem we know well: beta binomial…


Theorem (Doob’s consistency): if an exchangeable model is identifiable, Bayesian consistency holds for this model.

“Example of Integer(Poisson, Negative Binomial, etc.) support prior distribution”

Question from me