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Stat 548, H. Joe

The list of papers was updated in August 2022; the themes in the list are modern multivariate and time series analysis.

  • Talagala, Hyndman and Smith-Miles (2021). Anomaly Detection in High-Dimensional Data. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 30:2, 360-374. (download paper as pdf) (taken in September 2022).

  • Scotto, Weiss, Silva, Pereira (2014). Bivariate binomial autoregressive models. Journal of Multivariate Analysis 125, 233-251. (download paper as pdf)

  • Rootzen, Segers, Wadsworth (2018). Multivariate generalized Pareto distributions: Parametrizations, representations, and properties. Journal of Multivariate Analysis 165, 117-131. (download paper as pdf)

  • Krupskii and Genton (2018). Linear factor copula models and their properties. Scand J Statist. 45:861-878. (download paper as pdf)

  • Otneim and Tjostheim (2017). The locally Gaussian density estimator for multivariate data. Stat Comput 27:1595-1616. (download paper as pdf)

  • Trapin (2018). Can Volatility Models Explain Extreme Events? Journal of Financial Econometrics, Vol. 16, No. 2, 297-315. (download paper as pdf)

  • Xia and Li (2021). Copula-based partial correlation screening: a joint and robust approach Statistica Sinica 31, 421-447. (download paper as pdf)

    Motivational note

    Note that it is to your advantage to learn to critically read research papers early in a PhD program, and then proceed to doing research and writing/submitting/publishing research manuscripts. Chances of getting a fellowship/scholarship and getting an academic position after a PhD program, increase a lot if you have submitted papers during your PhD studies.

    See also Statistical Research: Some Advice for Beginners, an article by Hamada and Sitter, American Statistician, May 2004, v 58, 93-101.

    Manage your time well and develop professional skills (e.g., communication, research, computer, teaching/presentation) to enhance your job opportunities. See the IMS new researchers guide

    How to read the statistical methods literature: a guide for students , an article by James Murphy, American Statistician, May 1997, v 51, 155-157.

    Another useful article if you are looking ahead: How to Get a Job in Academics, by EA Stasny, American Statistician, Feb 2001, v 55, 35-40.