Jiahua Chen (updated 2023 August)

Canada Research Chair (Tier I, 2007-2013, 2014-2020).
Professor of Statistics (2021-).
Member of Royal Society of Canada (2022)

Personal Information

Employment and Education
Community Services (updated 2023, Sept)


Research Interest
Publications and citations

Software development

MixtureInf2.0: Software for EM-test, fitting finite mixture models via modified likelihood, sample size calculation. Data analysis vias Adjusted Empirical Likelihood. To be loaded Inference based on multiple samples under Density ratio model. To be loaded


Qualify Exam Papers(Stat548) Updated, 2023
Design and analysis of Experiment (Stat 404) 2023 W1.
Statistical Inference II (Stat 461/561) 2023 W2.