Lang Wu: Suggested Papers (2023)

The key requirement is your understanding of the essential ideas in the paper, explained in your own words. For example, what is the major innovation of the proposed method, compared to existing ones, why the problem is important, etc. You should also be able to conduct simple simulation studies and apply the method to a real dataset, unless the implementation is too tedious. In addition, you should be able to provide detailed mathematical derivations of certain claims in the paper (not necessary all the claims, but selected ones). Please try to organize your materials in a logical and clear way, and justify your own claims (by either citing references or providing simulations/proofs). The requirements may differ slightly from paper to paper, depending on the nature of the paper. Once you have chosen a paper, we can discuss details either via email or meeting.

Please note that you should not choose a paper that is similar to any papers that you have already selected from other faculty members.

The papers can be downloaded from UBC library.