Spring Graduate Writing Workshop:
How To Write an Awesome Abstract
Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 11:00am
ESB 4192

About the Graduate Writing Forums (GWF)

The GWF was started in Spring 2014 as a way to help Statistics grad students improve their writing skills. The idea is to have students learn from students, with the aid of a faculty member.

The GWF took on different formats over the past year. We've decided that a "workshop" format may be the best approach.

You can direct any questions about this event to either Vincenzo Coia, Andy Leung, or Neil Spencer.


Lunch will be provided through the Statistics Graduate Student Fund.


***Please be sure to bring an abstract written by you so that you can receive feedback!***
(or send it to Vincenzo/Andy/Neil beforehand)

11:00am -- 11:40am
Dr. Paul Gustafson will be sharing some insight for writing abstracts.
11:40am -- 12:20pm
Giving feedback
  • Break into pairs.
  • Read other participants' abstracts.
  • Write feedback using a guide provided by Paul.
12:20pm -- 1:00pm
Free lunch
1:00pm -- 1:30pm
Individual discussion
  • Discuss your written feedback with each author of the abstracts.
1:30pm -- 2:00pm
Group discussion. Topics:
  • What difficulties or controversies were there in giving feedback?
  • What did you learn about how you could improve your abstract-writing skills?