Office: Room 3132, Earth Sciences Building
Mail: Room 3182, 2207 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z4

(604) 822-3339

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Teaching 2017/18 Term 1

STAT 404 Design and Analysis of Experiments

Cap Roig Summer School

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Example publications

D. Bingham, P. Ranjan, and W.J. Welch (2014), "Design of Computer Experiments for Optimization, Estimation of Function Contours, and Related Objectives", Chapter 7 of "Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook" Download

J.H. Tomal, W.J. Welch and R.H. Zamar (2015), "Ensembling Classification Models Based on Phalanxes of Variables With Applications In Drug Discovery", Annals of Applied Statistics, 9, 69-93

H. Chen, J. L. Loeppky, J. Sacks, and W. J. Welch (2016), "Analysis Methods for Computer Experiments: How to Assess and What Counts?", Statistical Science, 31, 40-60 Download

D. R. Jones, M. Schonlau, and W. J. Welch (1998), “Efficient Global Optimization of Expensive Black-Box Functions,” Journal of Global Optimization, 13, 455–492 Download

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