Blang Command Line Interface (CLI) setup

This page explains the simple possible method for using Blang from the command line. A more advanced method is to use Blang within a Nextflow pipeline. This makes it easier to share and reproduce results, and to systematically explore and combine several command line arguments. An example of how to do this is available at this repository.

  1. Clone the blangSDK repository (also included in the main Blang download).

  2. From the root of the SDK repo, run ./ and follow the last step printed as output (setting up PATH).

  1. Create a directory for your project, say blangProject

  2. Create a blang file, e.g. an empty model model MyModel { laws{} }, save it as blangProject/ (Note: the extension .bl is required.)

  3. From blangProject, type blang --model MyModel