Course Webpage for Stat460/560 (2017 term I)

Jiahua Chen,; ESB3136

Final Exam Period Office hour Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm ESB3136; Wednesday 3:00-5:00pm.

Archer Zhang,
TA office Hour: Sept 15, Friday, Room ESB 4192, 1:30pm-2:30pm Final Exam hour: TBA,

This is likely the final version of this term.

Course Outline

Final: 3:30-6:00pn, Dec 7, Henry Angus (ANGU) - Room 241; 2053 Main Mall
Please visit this room the day before to get familiar. The final is closed book test. Bring a calculator just in case needed; All materials in our lecture notes. You may safely assume no tedious nor lengthy technical derivations. Most problems will be assignment like. There may be one challenge problem for those who love it.
Use Piazza to ask questions to professor, TA or to communicate with other students. We may post specific information there when deem necessary.

Assignment Problems and Solutions will be posted Week by Week

Assignment 1, Sept 20 in class
Some typos are corrected. In particular, in Q2 (b), you are not required to prove the sufficiency by definition but by factorization theorem.

Assignment 2, Sept 27 in class
Report any typoes in Piazza once properly activated.

Assignment 3, Oct 4(postponed to Oct 6) in class
Suggested code in R
Report any typos, questions in Piazza.

Assignment 4, Oct 16 in class
Report any typoes in Piazza once properly activated. One question has been simplified, another one is set as a bonus question now.

Assignment 5, Oct 27 in class (Uploaded now)

Assignment 6, Nov 10 in class
Feel free to discuss in piazza about coding, data, and show off your outcomes. The most important point of this assignment is to actually carry out these tasks yourself and see the outcomes. Play with the code and made changes of your data to get even more experience than merely working out the assignment problems.

Assignment 7, Nov 20 in class

Assignment 8, Nov 27 in class
Last one for this term. An error on the definition of $r(x, y)$ has been corrected in assignment and in notes.