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Job Postings

Applications for the 2023 academic year is now closed!!! The next application round will open Feb/March 2024

The Department of Statistics is hiring several TA and marker positions for 2023.

Positions may be available for:

DSCI 100 – Introduction to Data Science

DSCI 310 -  Reproducible and Trustworthy Workflows for Data Science

Stat 200 – Elementary Statistics for Applications

Stat 201 - Statistical Inference for Data Science

Stat 203...

Research Highlight

Data Science information page.


No upcoming events have been entered into this website.


Our department is thrilled to be welcoming two new faculty colleagues: Katie Burak and G. Alexi Rodríguez-Arelis.

We’re delighted to announce that our Professor Emeritus Nancy Heckman has been named an Honorary Member of the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC). This award is intended to...

The Statistics Department is pleased to honour Zuheng (David) Xu with Statistics Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards.

David has performed...

The Nash Medal in Statistics was awarded this academic year to Tiange (Ivy) Liu, who graduates with Combined Honours degree in Statistics and Mathematics. Ivy’s grades are 90% and...

Congratulations to this year's Canadian Journal of Statistics Award winners:

  • Evan Sidrow (PhD student, UBC Statistics)
  • Nancy Heckman (...

We are proud of Saifuddin Syed for having received the Pierre Robillard Award from the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC). Saif won this prize for his thesis...

Webinar series I

Applied Statistics and Data Science Group at UBC Statistics is pleased to announce the launch of the webinar series on Data analysis: Practical application of Linear Mixed Effects Models. ...