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Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

In recognition of the valuable role that teaching assistants play in our programs, the University annually awards teaching prizes to UBC Graduate Teaching Assistants. Statistics Department nominees are considered by the Faculty of Science to be one of the five recipients of this prestigious award. We are proud that our Department, the smallest of the departments in the Faculty of Science, has had many of our graduate students honoured with a Killam Award.


Recipient's Name Year Recipient's Category Program News Item
Sonja Isberg 2019/20 Graduate PhD Statistics Sonja Isberg receives department's Graduate Teaching Assistant Award and UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Camila Casquilho Resende 2015 Graduate PhD Statistics Camila Casquilho Resende awarded Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Andy Leung 2014 Graduate PhD Statistics Andy Leung receives 2013/2014 Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
Corinne Riddell 2011 Graduate MSc Statistics
Luke Bornn 2009 Graduate PhD Statistics
Mike Marin 2006 Graduate MSc Statistics
Justin Harrington 2005 Graduate PhD Statistics
Ryan Woods 2000 Graduate MSc Statistics