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Rick White Award

The Rick White Award was established in 2017 to recognize students who demonstrate excellence in statistical science through collaboration with investigators in another discipline on a substantial application.  The award honours the memory of Rick White who served the Department and the University with his gifts in applied statistics.  

Rick was a UBC alumnus, receiving his BSc in Mathematics in 1990 and his MSc in Statistics in 1992. Upon graduation, Rick began his career with the Statistics Department's Statistical Consulting and Research Laboratory (currently called the Applied Statistics and Data Science Group—ASDa) as a consultant, moving up to the position of Managing Director. Through his leadership, Rick brought to ASDa a legacy of collaborative research and high level consulting contributions. Rick was a “data scientist” long before that phrase came into common use, providing statistical support and training to many, furthering the goals of researchers and administrators within the Statistics Department and elsewhere at UBC, as well as off-campus.

The award is given annually to an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a Statistics program. The award is supported by the Statistics Department and by those who contribute to the Rick White Memorial Fund

This award is usually announced in May or June Year+1.


Recipient's Name Year Recipient's Category Program News Item
Nirupama Tamvada 2022 Graduate MSc Student Nirupama Tamvada receives the 2022 Rick White Award
Evan Sidrow 2021 Graduate PhD Student Evan Sidrow receives the 2021 Rick White Award
Joe Watson 2020 Postdoctoral Fellow Joe Watson receives the 2020 Rick White Award
Shuxian Fan 2019 Graduate This year's two Rick White Award winners
Austin Kwong 2019 Undergraduate This year's two Rick White Award winners
Lucy Mosquera 2018 Graduate Lucy Mosquera receives the 2018 Rick White Award
Nikolas Krstic 2017 Graduate
Kris Hong 2016 Undergraduate Guohai Zhou and Kris Hong first recipients of Rick White Award
Guohai Zhou 2016 Graduate Guohai Zhou and Kris Hong first recipients of Rick White Award