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MSc to PhD

We encourage our MSc students to consider applying to our PhD program.   Enrolment in the PhD can be via transfer or upon completion of the MSc.  

For a "head start" admission to the PhD program, excellent UBC Statistics MSc students may be permitted to enroll in the term 2 offering of the PhD qualifying course, STAT 548, while in the second year of the MSc program.  Thus,  when formally entering the PhD program after completion of the MSc, the student will have a "head start", not just by completing STAT 548 half a year earlier, but by connecting earlier with possible research projects.   An interested student from the UBC Statistics MSc program  should simultaneously apply for PhD admission and STAT 548 entry by early December of the second year of the MSc program.  Should the Admissions Committee be amenable, the student is offered both a spot in the PhD program for the following September, and permission to start STAT 548 in January. For more information on this option, please contact the gradinfo [at] (Student Services Coordinator).

To transfer from the MSc to the PhD, UBC Statistics MSc students may apply to the Department after completing one year of study in the MSc program with 18 credits, of which at least 9 credits must be at the 500 level or above and at least 9 credits must be at First Class standing. Please note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee permission to transfer; for admission to the PhD program, students must show clear evidence of research ability, as demonstrated in their academic records and letters of recommendation. If you are considering transferring and meet these requirements, please speak with the gradadv [at] (Graduate Advisor.) 

Upon completion of the MSc, students apply to the PhD program by the usual process.