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Nash Medal

The Nash Medal in Statistics is given each year to the most outstanding graduating student in the B.Sc. program in Statistics.  The Medal recognizes the great service to statistics given by Professor Stanley Nash (1915-2001) over his more than forty years at UBC. 

Professor Nash came to UBC in 1950 just after finishing his Ph.D. in statistics at Berkeley. For a great many years, he was the only statistician on the campus and so established himself as the statistical expert. Professor Nash kept an electrical calculator on his desk and rendered consulting advice and service to generations of students and faculty at UBC. He maintained an active interest in the developments which eventually led to the creation of the Statistical Society of Canada. For that and his other contributions to the development of the statistical sciences, Professor Nash was awarded an honorary membership in the Statistical Society of Canada in 1987.

The Department's Nash Medal, established in 1994, is supported by the Statistics Fund for Excellence.

This award is usually announced in May Year+1.


Recipient's Name Year Recipient's Category Program News Item
Howard Chang 2003 Undergraduate
Pascal Tomecek 2002 Undergraduate
Tzu-Ling Christina Chen 2001 Undergraduate
Becky Ho Tsun Pui 2000 Undergraduate
Eugenia Ho Yin Yu 1999 Undergraduate
Kenneth Ka Wai Tam 1998 Undergraduate
Farouk Nathoo 1997 Undergraduate
Kelly Kwok 1996 Undergraduate
Anita Chung 1995 Undergraduate
Daphne Guh 1994 Undergraduate
Grace Chiu 1993 Undergraduate