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Professor Tiffany Timbers’s talk in the CANSSI Data Science Applied Research and Education Seminar (ARES)

CANSSI Ontario and U of T Statistical Sciences are hosting Data Science Applied Research and Education Seminar (ARES). ARES is a new speaker series that showcases opportunities in all realms of society for Data Science. And our faculty member Tiffany Timbers is the next speaker in the series!

To join Tiffany’s seminar on October 25, 2021,...

Professor Trevor Campbell receives Blackwell-Rosenbluth Award

Assistant Professor Trevor Campbell has been named a winner of the 2021 Blackwell-Rosenbluth Award, which honours noteworthy junior researchers in different areas of Bayesian statistics. The award recipients are invited to present their work in two special events of the Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB^3) webinar series and receive three years of free ISBA and j-ISBA membership. Trevor will give his presentation on Wednesday,...

Recipients of the 2021 Dr. John and Barbara Petkau Scholarship

This year’s recipients of the Dr. John and Barbara Petkau Scholarships are Yihang He and Ruiyu Gou.

Yihang is a combined major in Computer Science and Statistics, entering the third year, excelling in a wide range of courses, and honoured with several academic awards. Through a summer internship with Cloudwalk Tech, Yihang has developed skills involving back-end developing and machine...

Data Science Award announcement

We are pleased to announce that Victor Yuan has won the Department’s 2020-21 Data Science Award.

Victor is a PhD student in UBC’s Genome Sciences and Technology program, with research focused on characterizing epigenetic variation across human placental cell types and gestation. In pursuit of this research, he has used applied machine learning to develop epigenomic-based research tools to predict ancestry and...

New UBC Science interdisciplinary cluster

Along with the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Statistics is proud to participate in the Artificial Intelligence Methods for Scientific Impact (AIM-SI) cluster. Associate Professor of Statistics Alexandre Bouchard-Côté will be one of the Steering Committee members of the cluster. This new UBC Science interdisciplinary cluster will help fuel artificial intelligence innovation...

Shannon Edie awarded the James Robert Thompson Fellowship

Shannon Edie, MSc student in Statistics, has been awarded the James Robert Thompson Fellowship in the UBC Spring Graduate Awards Competition. The fellowship, made available by the late James Robert Thompson, B. Comm., 1967, is awarded to a student or students planning a career related to preservation of the natural environment, particularly in preserving the natural and wilderness areas in BC and the Yukon.

Shannon is working with Nancy Heckman (Statistics Department) and David Rosen...

Free Statistical Consultation: 2021/22

The Statistics Department offers several types of free statistical consultation, via STAT 551, SOS and STAT 450, as follows:

  • STAT 551: Term 1 only, open to anyone, via students in STAT 551 mentored by faculty; accepting projects for term 1 2021-22 from now until Nov 5
  • SOS (Statistical Opportunity for Students): year-round, UBC-V graduate students only, via a team of a senior Statistical consultant and a Statistics graduate student ...

Lorraine Schwartz Prize Announcement

Huanqing Wang has been awarded the Lorraine Schwartz Prize for the 2020 academic year (2020-21). The award is given annually for distinctions in the fields of Statistics and Probability.

Huanqing is currently completing the Combined Honours in Mathematics and Statistics program, with A+s in almost all courses, showing a strength in both applications and theory. In his time at UBC, he has received many awards and scholarships, including a Dr. John and Barbara Petkau Scholarship, won...

Joe Watson receives the 2020 Rick White Award

Congratulation to Joe Watson, the recipient of the Rick White Award for the UBC academic year 2020.

Joe has made important contributions to the applied fields of ecology and fisheries, developing new methodologies to analyze complex spatiotemporal ecological data and developing new visualization tools that map species density hotspots. This work has helped scientists understand the spatial-temporal distribution of killer whales and the migration of Chinook salmon. He is now...

Sherry (Yu) Zhang receives the 2020 Nash Medal

The Nash Medal in Statistics was awarded this academic year to Sherry (Yu) Zhang. Sherry graduated this May with stellar grades in the challenging program of a combined honours in Statistics and Computer Science. Her instructors commented on her enthusiasm for her courses, her engagement with her learning and her deep understanding of the material. She has even been known to teach an instructor a thing or two, by noting some very subtle errors...