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Thank you for your interest in submitting to StatSpace.   Resources in StatSpace are meant to be self-contained and modular, focusing on a specific topic or concept if possible.  Through our metadata, collected at the time a resource is contributed, users can quickly and easily search for resources targeted to their particular needs. 

Here are some suggestions to achieve our goals of modularity and self-containment.  If you have any comments, suggestions or inquiries please email statspace [at] (subject: StatSpace%20inquiry)

  • Don’t bundle resources of multiple topics as one large submission, but rather, submit items separately.  Users will be searching by topic and won’t want to look through material that isn’t relevant to their search.
  • Avoid statements that are particular to your course or lecture schedule, statements like “as in last month’s exam” or “from the last lecture”.
  • If you refer to something outside of the current resource, please provide information, for instance, via a hyperlink or a complete reference (e.g. for a text book or journal article).
  • Please note, all of your metadata are searchable, but uploaded files are not searchable.  Do consider using good search terms in the “free text” components of your submission, that is, in your learning objectives, description and summary.
  • For a contribution that uses R, consider providing both an R Markdown file and the generated pdf file.
  • For a pdf file you contribute, consider also providing the file that generated it (Excel, LaTeX, Word, etc.).
  • When entering material in StatSpace (either by cutting and pasting or by the on-line editor), please use Helvetica font, size 10.5, for consistency.