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Directions are embedded in the submission pages.  Here we give an overview.  You might find it helpful to read this before starting your submission.  

  • Before submitting resources,  please register.  In this current pilot stage, contributing also requires that you contact statspace [at] (subject: StatSpace%20Submission%20Approval) for approval.
  • When you have approval for contributing and have your material collected, please sign in.
  • You will see “My StatSpace Submissions/Resources”.  Press the “Start a New Submission” button and follow the process described below for providing information about your resource.

To understand how the various fields appear in the StatSpace resource page, here is a screen shot of a resource page, with fields labelled.


  • Information about you and the resource title and language
  • Resource type and subject: these are used as tags in searches, so please choose well.  If you can’t find a suitable type or subject from the drop-down menus, you can choose “other” and write it in.
  • Prerequisite knowledge is optional, but strongly encouraged.
  • Learning outcomes: required.  What do you expect students will learn from using the resource?  
  • Summary (just a few words) and Description (can be long)
  • Related material: you can link to resources on StatSpace or to material anywhere on the web.
  • Suggested uses, tips and discoveries – if you have them


There are two places where you choose who can access the material you upload.

  • Page 1: the “Access” field will allow you to decide the access for the entire resource.  If you choose “instructor”,  StatSpace users without instructor status will not know of the existence of this resource – not even seeing a thumbnail.
  • Page 2: when you upload your files you can choose the access for individual files.

Example:  you upload an activity sheet pdf and the LaTeX file that generates it.  You’d like the activity sheet to be visible to all but the LaTeX file visible only to instructors.

  • On Page 1: make the resource for “everyone”.
  • On Page 2: upload the two files.  Make the LaTeX file available only to instructors by checking the box “Instructor Only”.  Leaving the box unchecked will make the pdf file available to everyone.  Remember to load the pdf file first, as it will be the thumbnail.


Upload files and (if applicable) provide URL.  

  • You must upload at least one file to serve as a thumbnail to represent your resource.  The first file that you upload will serve as the thumbnail.  So this should not be a zip file.  You might consider a screenshot of part of your resource, or a page of the resource.
  • The URL tab allows you to connect directly to your resource on another server.  This is particularly useful if you have a R Shiny app or a YouTube video.

PAGE 3 Review your information

PAGE 4 Choose your license/copyright

You’re finished!   You will be contacted after the resource has gone through the curation process.  This may take a week or two, depending on the length and complexity of your submission.