2000 Technical Reports

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2000 Technical Reports


James Ahkong, B.M. Golam Kibria and A. John Petkau: "Air Pollution and Human Health: A Study Based on Emergency Room Visits Data from Prince George, British Columbia.", February 2000. (in postscript)


B.M. Golam Kibria: "Multivariate Bayesian Spatial Interpolation Using Gaussian-Generalized Inverted Wishart Model.", February 2000. (in postscript)


Ao Yuan and Bertrand Clarke: "Manifest Characterization and Testing for Certain Latent Traits", February 2000.


B.M. Golam Kibria, Li Sun, James V. Zidek, and Nhu D. Le: "A Bayesian Approach to Backcasting and Spatially Predicting Unmeasured Multivariate Random Space-Time Fields with Application to PM 2,5", February 2000. (.pdf)


Ruben H. Zamar and Jorge G. Adrover: "Bias Robustness of Three Median-Based Regression Estimates", February 2000.


Irene Gijbels and Nancy Heckman: "Nonparametric Testing For a Monotone Hazard Function via Normalized Spacings", November 2000. (in postscript)


Constance van Eeden and James V. Zidek: "Combining the Data from Two Normal Populations to Estimate the Mean of One When Their Means Difference is Bounded", December 2000.


Peter Hall and Nancy E. Heckman: "Estimating and Depicting the Structure of a Distribution of Random Functions", July 2000.