2006 Technical Reports

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2006 Technical Reports


Nancy E. Heckman: "The theory and application of penalized least squares methods or reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces made easy.", February 21, 2006. (in pdf)


Isabella R. Ghement, Nancy E. Heckman and A. John Petkau: "Seasonal Confounding and Residual Correlation in Analyses of Health Effects of Air Pollution", March, 2006. (in pdf)


Isabella Ghement, Marcelo Ruiz and Ruben Zamar: "Robust Estimation of Error Scale in Nonparametric Regression Models", March 2006. (in pdf)


Sohrab P. Shah, Xiang Xuan, Ron DeLeeuw, Mehrnoush Khojasteh, Wan Lam, Raymong Ng, Kevin Murphy: "Integrating copy number polymorphisms into array CGH analysis using a robust HMM", March 2006. (in pdf)


Yan Yuan, Hugh A. Chipman and William J. Welch: "Harvesting Classification Trees for Drug Discovery", May 2006. (in pdf)


Jason L. Loeppky, Derek Bingham and William J. Welch: "Computer Model Calibration or Tuning in Practice", May 2006. (in pdf)


Isabella Ghement and Nancy Heckman: "Inference in Partially Linear Models with Correlated Errors", May 2006. (in pdf)


Yiping Dou and Constance van Eeden: "Comparisons of the Performances of Estimators of a Bounded Normal Mean Under Squared-Error Loss", July 2006. (in pdf)