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Publications by Department Members

In Press

Boente G, Martınez A, Salibian-Barrera M. Robust estimators for additive models using backfitting. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics. In Press;.
Högg T, Petkau J, Zhao Y, Gustafson P, Wijnands JMA, Tremlett H. Bayesian analysis of pair-matched case-control studies subject to outcome misclassification. Statistics in Medicine. In Press;.
Lee W, Greenwood P, Heckman N, Wefelmeyer W. Pre-averaged kernel estimators for the drift function of a diffusion process in the presence of microstructure noise. Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes. In Press;.
Lenzi A, de Souza CPE, Dias R, Garcia NL, Heckman NE. Analysis of Aggregated Functional Data from Mixed Populations with Application to Energy Consumption. Environmetrics. In Press;.


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Jun S-H, Bouchard-Côté A. Sequential Graph Matching with Sequential Monte Carlo. In AISTATS. 2017.
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Kondo Y, Zidek JV, Taylor CG, van Eeden C. Bayesian subset selection procedures with an application to lumber strength properties. Journal of the American Statistical Association. 2017;:Submitted.
Liu Y, Salibian-Barrera M, Zamar R, Zidek JV. Using artificial censoring to improve extreme tail quantile estimates. Applied Statistics. 2017;:Under revision.
Resende-Casquilho C, Le ND, Zidek JV. Design of Monitoring Networks using k-Determinantal Point Processes. Environmetrics. 2017;:Submitted.
Resende-Casquilho C, Le ND, Zidek JV. Spatio-temporal modelling of temperature fields in the Pacific Northwest. Environmetrics. 2017;:Under revision.
Salehi S, Steif A, Roth A, Aparicio S, Bouchard-Côté A, Shah SP. ddClone: joint statistical inference of clonal populations from single-cell and bulk tumor sequencing data. Genome Biology. 2017;(Accepted).
Shaddick G, Thomas M, Jobling A, Brauer M, van Donkelaar A, Burnett R, et al. Data Integration Model for Air Quality: A HierarchicalApproach to the Global Estimation of Exposures to Ambient Air Pollution. Applied Statistics. 2017;:In press.
Wong S, Zidek JV. Dimensional and statistical foundations for accumulated damage models. Wood Science and Technology. 2017;:Under invited revision.
Yang C-H, Zidek JV, Wong SWK. Bayesian analysis of accumulated damage models in lumber reliability. Technometrics. 2017;:Submitted.
Zhai Y, Bouchard-Côté A. A Poissonian model of indel rate variation for phylogenetic tree inference. Systematic Biology. 2017;(Accepted).
Zidek JV, LUM CONROY. Statistical challenges in assessing the engineering properties of forest products. Annual review of statistics and its application - invitation only. 2017;:Accepted.


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