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PhD/MSc Alumni


Supervisor: William J. Welch
First Position: Sanofi - Data Analytics & Insights Manager
Program: M.Sc. Statistics
Thesis Title: If journals embraced conditional equivalence testing, would research be better?
Supervisor: Paul Gustafson
Program: Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Vine copulas: dependence structure learning, diagnostics, and applications to regression analysis
Supervisor: Harry Joe
Program: Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Clustering and modelling of phase variation for functional data
Supervisor: Nancy E. Heckman
Program: Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Bayesian adjustements for disease misclassification in epidemiological studies of health administrative databases, with applications to multiple sclerosis research
Program: Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Exploring the tumour microenvironment with non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques
Supervisor: Tiffany Timbers
Program: Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Jointly Modeling Longitudinal Process with Measurement Errors, Missing Data, and Outliers
Supervisor: Lang Wu
First Position: PhD Student - Dept. of Statistics, UBC
Program: Ph.D.
Program: M.Sc.