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1. Major in Statistics: if you are a Statistics major currently in year 2, take STAT/MATH 302 in year 2 because this is a prerequisite for other STAT 3xx courses.

2. Transfer into Major in Statistics: if you have transferred to Statistics after year 2 or plan to do so, it is possible to complete the Statistics major in two years provided you have STAT 200, MATH 200, MATH 221 before year 3. The rough plan of courses would be:

- term 1 of year 3: take STAT/MATH 302, Stat 300, Stat 344;
- term 2 of year 3: take STAT 305, Stat 306, etc.

3. CPSC 110 and one of CPSC/MATH 210 for Major in Statistics: take these courses as soon as possible (not necessarily by year 2 as suggested in the UBC calendar entry).

4. Minor in Statistics: the university requirements consist of 18 credits of courses numbered 300 and above in the area of the minor. For Statistics, this essentially means

- STAT/MATH 302, Stat 305, Stat 306
- 9 credits from STAT 300, 321, 344, 404, 406, 443, 450
- as prerequisites: STAT 200 or equivalent introductory statistics course, MATH 200 (multivariable calculus), MATH 221 (linear algebra)

5. For 2016-2017 (and likely for near future):
- STAT 300, 344, 404, 406:  offered only in term 1.
- STAT 305, 306, 443, 450:  offered only in term 2.

6. For those interested in the actuarial profession, the applied statistics module of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) can be covered through Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) with the UBC courses STAT 306 and STAT 443.

7. Promotion to Year 3 in Major in Statistics and Combined Major with Statistics:  Students must achieve an average of at least 60% on their first attempts in their best 3 of the 5 "named" courses in Year 2. These five "named" courses in Year 2 are: MATH 200, MATH 220, MATH 221, STAT 200, and STAT/MATH 302. STAT 200 (or equivalent) must be completed for promotion to year 3, and STAT 305 and STAT 306 (or ECON 326 for the Combined Major in Stat/Econ) must be completed for promotion to year 4.  Please also see the Faculty of Science general requirements for promotion.

8. If you wish to transfer in Major in Statistics or add Minor in Statistics, please follow the advice above and start taking relevant courses. Official permission for either of these options will be considered in April/May after reviewing whether the latest grades in relevant Mathematics and Statistics courses are sufficiently strong. That is, contact the Statistics program advisor after your grades for the academic year are all available.