2007 Technical Reports

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2007 Technical Reports


Yuzo Maruyama: "An admissibility proof using an adaptive sequence of smoother proper priors approaching the target Improper prior", January, 2007. (in pdf)


Yiping Dou, Nhu D Le, James V Zidek: "A Dynamic Linear Model for Hourly Ozone Concentrations", March, 2007. (in pdf)


Béla Nagy, Jason L. Loeppky, and William J. Welch: "Correlation parameterization in random function models to improve normal approximation of the likelihood or posterior", June, 2007. (in pdf)


Béla Nagy, Jason L. Loeppky, and William J. Welch: "Fast Bayesian Inference for Gaussian Process Models", June, 2007. (in pdf)


Paul Gustafson, Natalie Thompson, and Nando de Freitas: "Bayesian Variable Selection for Semi-Supervised Learning, with Application to Object Recognition", July, 2007. (in pdf)


Zhong Liu, Nhu D. Le, James V. Zidek: "Calibrating Deterministic Modeling Output With Application Of Ozone Fields", July, 2007. (in pdf)


Zhong Liu, Nhu D. Le, James V. Zidek: "An Appraisal of Bayesian Melding for Physical-Statistical Modeling", August, 2007. (in pdf)


Wei Wang: "Identifiability in linear mixed effects models", November 2007. (in pdf)


Nancy Heckman and Wei Wang: "Linear mixed models for measurement error in functional regression", November 2007. (in pdf)


Francois Caron, Raphael Gottardo and Arnaud Doucet: "On-line Changepoint Detection and Parameter Estimation for Genome-wide Transcript Analysis", November 2007. (in pdf)


Kenneth Lo, Ryan Remy Brinkman and Raphael Gottardo: "Automated Gating of Flow Cytometry Data via Robust Model-based Clustering", December 2007. (in pdf)