2008 Technical Reports

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2008 Technical Reports


Jason Leoppky, Jerome Sacks, William J. Welch: "Choosing the Sample Size of a Computer Experiment: A Practical Guide", February, 2008. (in pdf)


Zhong Liu, Nhu Le, James V. Zidek: "Combining Measurements and Physical Model Outputs for the Spatial Prediction of Hourly Ozone Space - Time Fields", July, 2008. (in pdf)


Jiahua Chen and Pengfei Li: "Hypothesis test for Normal Mixture Models: the EM Approach with Technical Details", August, 2008. (in pdf)


Zehua Chen and Jiahua Chen: "Tournament Screening cum EBIC for Feature Selection with High Dimensional Feature Spaces", August, 2008. (in pdf)


Zhong Liu, Nhu Le and James V Zidek: "Recalibrating ozone chemical transport models", September, 2008. (in pdf)


Chi Wai Yu and Bertrand Clarke: "Asymptotics of Bayesian Median Loss Estimation", September, 2008. (in pdf)