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StatSpace: How to Contribute

Our vision is that StatSpace contains resources that are modular and largely self-contained, each with its own metadata including learning outcomes and prerequisites. We hope that you will work with us to ensure that the StatSpace resources and the material surrounding resources have a consistent format. This will make it easy to find material and to use resources.

Here are the steps to follow to contribute.

  1. Register, if you have not already done so.
  2. Request permission to contribute by emailing statspace [at] (subject: StatSpace%20submission%20approval) . In this current pilot stage, contributing requires approval.
  3. Read the information listed below.  It will guide you in preparing your submission.
  4. When you have approval for contributing and have your material collected, sign in.
  5. After you submit your resource, the UBC StatSpace team will review it before posting it on StatSpace. Before posting, we may work with you if we feel some changes would make your materials accessible to our intended audience and consistent with StatSpace format.

This information may help you with your submission.

  • Submission Overview  While directions are embedded in the submission pages, you may find this overview helpful.
  • Guidelines for Contributors  This document contains some dos and don’ts to consider when contributing resources.
  • MetaData template  You may find it useful to fill this in before submitting your resource, then cut and paste into StatSpace. This template does not include the detailed directions to be found on StatSpace.

Thank you for contributing to StatSpace.

EMAIL CONTACT: statspace [at] (subject: StatSpace%20inquiry)