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Title Session Year Session Codesort descending Course Outline Instructor
STAT 450: Case Studies in Statistics 2022 Winter
STAT 560: Statistical Theory I 2015 Winter Ruben H. Zamar
STAT 251: Elementary Statistics 2013 Winter
STAT 321: Stochastic Signals and Systems 2019 Winter Eugenia Yu
STAT 321: Stochastic Signals and Systems 2016 Winter Ruben H. Zamar
STAT 520A: Topics in Bayesian Analysis and Decision Theory 2018 Winter stat_520a_18.pdf Alexandre Bouchard-Côté
STAT 321: Stochastic Signals and Systems 2021 Winter
STAT 547L: Topics in Statistics 2014 Winter William J. Welch
STAT 561: Statistical Theory II 2017 Winter stat561_outline.17-18.pdf Jiahua Chen
STAT 540: Statistical Methods for High Dimensional Biology 2020 Winter STAT 540 Outline (2020WT2) Keegan Korthauer
STAT 547P: Topics in Statistics 2015 Winter Ruben H. Zamar
STAT 203: Statistical Methods 2017 Winter stat_203_16-17bd.pdf Bruce Dunham
STAT 545B: Exploratory Data Analysis 2020 Winter STAT 545B Outline (2020WT2) Vincenzo Coia
STAT 461: Statistical Inference II 2022 Winter
STAT 357: Stochastic Signals and Systems 2015 Winter Ruben H. Zamar
STAT 302: Introduction to Probability 2013 Winter Eugenia Yu
STAT 443: Time Series and Forecasting 2019 Winter stat_443_19-20_bd.pdf Bruce Dunham
STAT 200: Elementary Statistics for Applications 2022 Winter Benjamin Burr, Rodolfo Lourenzutti
STAT 344: Sample Surveys 2016 Winter Paul Gustafson
STAT 522B: Topics in Asymptotic Theory and Statistical Inference 2018 Winter stat522jiahua18-19.pdf Jiahua Chen