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Lorraine Schwartz Prize Announcement

Huanqing Wang has been awarded the Lorraine Schwartz Prize for the 2020 academic year (2020-21). The award is given annually for distinctions in the fields of Statistics and Probability.

Huanqing is currently completing the Combined Honours in Mathematics and Statistics program, with A+s in almost all courses, showing a strength in both applications and theory. In his time at UBC, he has received many awards and scholarships, including a Dr. John and Barbara Petkau Scholarship, won...

Joe Watson receives the 2020 Rick White Award

Congratulation to Joe Watson, the recipient of the Rick White Award for the UBC academic year 2020.

Joe has made important contributions to the applied fields of ecology and fisheries, developing new methodologies to analyze complex spatiotemporal ecological data and developing new visualization tools that map species density hotspots. This work has helped scientists understand the spatial-temporal distribution of killer whales and the migration of Chinook salmon. He is now...

Sherry (Yu) Zhang receives the 2020 Nash Medal

The Nash Medal in Statistics was awarded this academic year to Sherry (Yu) Zhang. Sherry graduated this May with stellar grades in the challenging program of a combined honours in Statistics and Computer Science. Her instructors commented on her enthusiasm for her courses, her engagement with her learning and her deep understanding of the material. She has even been known to teach an instructor a thing or two, by noting some very subtle errors...

Introducing UBC Vancouver’s Data Science Minor

After rigorous review and refinement, it’s official: UBC Vancouver is proud to announce a new minor in Data Science. The new program will launch in September 2021 with its first cohort of students.

Data science is becoming essential across multiple domains. Fields like manufacturing, education, marketing, psychology, and health are all requiring data science expertise at unprecedented levels. Students who complete the minor will be able to offer employers a robust ability to wrangle...

Professor Emeritus James Zidek receives first UBC Emeritus College Award for Excellence in Innovative and Creative Endeavors

We’re delighted to announce that our Professor Emeritus James (Jim) Zidek is the inaugural recipient of the UBC Emeritus College Award for Excellence in Innovative and Creative Endeavors. This new award honours UBC’s emeriti “who have demonstrated excellence in their engagement in innovative research, artistic creation, or new applications of previous research since attaining Emeritus status.”

As an emeritus...

Department virtual mixer at the SSC on Monday, June 7

Next week is the Statistical Society of Canada’s 2021 Annual Meeting.

Kicking off the week of scientific talks and social events, the SSC program includes a UBC Statistics (Vancouver) virtual mixer on Monday, June 7 from 9:30am to 10:30am PDT.

If you’re a current or former member of the department and you’ve already signed up for next week’s annual meeting, you’re encouraged...

Announcing the 2020 Marshall Prize co-winners

We’re delighted to announce two winners of the department’s 2020 Marshall Prize. This year, the Marshall Prize co-winners are PhD students Anthony Christidis and Saifuddin (Saif) Syed.

In honour of our Professor Emeritus Albert Marshall, the Marshall Prize is awarded annually to a statistics graduate student who has achieved great distinction according to the professional and academic criteria by...

Professor Bruce Dunham awarded the 2021 PIMS Education Prize

We’re thrilled to congratulate our Professor of Teaching, Bruce Dunham, for receiving the 2021 PIMS Education Prize.

The PIMS Education Prize, presented by the Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences, is “awarded to a member of the PIMS community who has made a significant contribution to...

Professor Ruben Zamar awarded IMS Fellowship

We’re excited to announce that our Professor Ruben Zamar has been named as a Fellow in the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS). Ruben is one of only 41 recipients from around the world who were honoured with this prestigious award this year.

The citation of Ruben’s award reads: For fundamental contributions in Robust...

Announcing our three Statistics Graduate Teaching Assistant Award winners

We are pleased to honour Anthony-Alexander Christidis, Gian Carlo Di-Luvi, and Archer Gong Zhang with Statistics Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards. We know that many department members contribute to our teaching mission, and we want to take the opportunity to not only honour these three, but to thank everyone.

Thank you to all of our dedicated teaching assistants and others who...