Q: What printers are available?

General printing command on all our Unix/Linux systems is 
$ lpr -Pprintername filename
Printer Model: HP Laserjet Enterprise M605 
We don't allow to print from any wireless or outside StatNet network.  In order to print from our StatNet network, you must email us the MAC address from your device for you to use our "green network cable"  in your office.
How to find MAC address?
How to add printer?

The following printers are available

hp5 Mailroom hp5 Duplex, hp5s1-sided
optra ESB 3163 optra Duplex, optras1-sided
Q: How to get Mouse to focus or FocusFollowsMouse on a MacIntosh?

This can be made to work only for X11 applications. The following seems to work. In your .bashrc file, add

defaults write com.apple.x11 wm_ffm -bool true defaults write com.apple.Terminal FocusFollowsMouse -string YES

Logout and then login again. Open two xterm's and focus should follow mouse for the xterm's.

Q: How to get an xterm on a MacIntosh (in order to run ssh to a Unix computer)?

The following is initialization.

  • Double click MacIntoshHD icon on Desktop
  • single click Application
  • double click Utilities
  • click X11 and drag to the shortcuts to the icons at the bottom of the Desktop

For future log-ins, just click on the X11 icon to open the first xterm. Other xterm's can then be opened from the Applications menu (top of Desktop).

From an xterm, use 'ssh' to get to a remote computer. X11-applications can be displayed from the remote computer to the MacIntosh display.

Q: Terminal MacOS X Native setup. (Not X-Term)

non-X-Terminal has proper copy and paste using Mac Command+c or v keyboard.

Click on Local Hard Drive -- Applications -- Utilities 
Highlight Terminal Icon (Black) - Drag and Drop it to the Bottom Menu Bar

Click once on Terminal Icon to open new terminal.
Click on the top left menu "Terminal" - Preferences  to customize your terminal session

a)Font:  Text -- Change
b)VT100: Advance -- Emulation -- Declare Terminal as VT100
 Close Terminal' s preferences and restart Terminal to make the changes in effect.

Q: How to save a text file in Safari ?

Method1:  Hold Control button down (Ctrl) and click on a name.  You will  get a menu.  Select " Download Linked File As".
Pick the right directory, click Save. The default folder to save is "Download" or you can change it to "Desktop"
For Mac with 3 button mouse, Right Click on the URL will get the same menu.

Method2: If you click on the file and now the plain text file is displayed in your browser.
File > Save As …. change the drop down menu from "web archive" to "page source".
You will only see the root of the filename in the Export As dialog but it's fine since OSX will add the .txt extention.
Again Save to Desktop or Download as you wish.

Q: How to get copy-paste with left-right-middle mouse buttons (traditional X11) with MacIntosh?
  • lick System preference icon at bottom of Desktop
  • click on mouse/keyboard
  • make changes on menu so that left button is primary, right button is secondary, and dashboard is button 3.

After this, copy-paste operations are like traditional X11; (a) click with left mouse button to begin highlighting, (b) drag to end of highlighting, or use right mouse button to click end of highlighting region, (c) move mouse to location for pasting and click middle mouse button.

Q: How to change Mac OSX Password?

Resetting a user's password in Mac OS X v10.5 or later

  1. Log in with your default account.
  2. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences.
  3. From the View menu choose Accounts.
  4. Select Your username then Click "Change Password..." button (Mac OS X v10.5 or later).
  5. Enter your old password and your new password in both the Password and Verify fields, and add a hint if desired.
  6. If a dialog box appears with the message "Your Keychain password will be changed to your new account password..." click OK.
Q: Focus follows mouse

Open A Terminal (Black Icon).  You don't need admin right to run the command.
Type this:
defaults write com.apple.Terminal FocusFollowsMouse -string YES
Quit and restart Terminal program.

Q: How do I find my computer's MAC address?
Q: How to book meeting room in ESB?

Use our online room booking at https://mrbs.stat.ubc.ca