The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project

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The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project

TitleThe Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLonsdale, J, Thomas, J, Salvatore, M, Phillips, R, Lo, E, Shad, S, Hasz, R, Walters, G, Garcia, F, Young, N, Foster, B, Moser, M, Karasik, E, Gillard, B, Ramsey, K, Sullivan, S, Bridge, J, Magazine, H, Syron, J, Fleming, J, Siminoff, L, Traino, H, Mosavel, M, Barker, L, Jewell, S, Rohrer, D, Maxim, D, Filkins, D, Harbach, P, Cortadillo, E, Berghuis, B, Turner, L, Hudson, E, Feenstra, K, Sobin, L, Robb, J, Branton, P, Korzeniewski, G, Shive, C, Tabor, D, Qi, L, Groch, K, Nampally, S, Buia, S, Zimmerman, A, Smith, A, Burges, R, Robinson, K, Valentino, K, Bradbury, D, Cosentino, M, Diaz-Mayoral, N, Kennedy, M, Engel, T, Williams, P, Erickson, K, Ardlie, K, Winckler, W, Getz, G, DeLuca, D, MacArthur, D, Kellis, M, Thomson, A, Young, T, Gelfand, E, Donovan, M, Meng, Y, Grant, G, Mash, D, Marcus, Y, Basile, M, Liu, J, Zhu, J, Tu, Z, Cox, NJ, Nicolae, DL, Gamazon, ER, Im, HKyung, Konkashbaev, A, Pritchard, J, Stevens, M, Flutre, T, Wen, X, Dermitzakis, ET, Lappalainen, T, Guigo, R, Monlong, J, Sammeth, M, Koller, D, Battle, A, Mostafavi, S, McCarthy, M, Rivas, M, Maller, J, Rusyn, I, Nobel, A, Wright, F, Shabalin, A, Feolo, M, Sharopova, N, Sturcke, A, Paschal, J, Anderson, JM, Wilder, EL, Derr, LK, Green, ED, Struewing, JP, Temple, G, Volpi, S, Boyer, JT, Thomson, EJ, Guyer, MS, Ng, C, Abdallah, A, Colantuoni, D, Insel, TR, Koester, SE, A. Little, R, Bender, PK, Lehner, T, Yao, Y, Compton, CC, Vaught, JB, Sawyer, S, Lockhart, NC, Demchok, J, Moore, HF
Date PublishedJUN
Type of ArticleEditorial Material
AbstractGenome-wide association studies have identified thousands of loci for common diseases, but, for the majority of these, the mechanisms underlying disease susceptibility remain unknown. Most associated variants are not correlated with protein-coding changes, suggesting that polymorphisms in regulatory regions probably contribute to many disease phenotypes. Here we describe the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project, which will establish a resource database and associated tissue bank for the scientific community to study the relationship between genetic variation and gene expression in human tissues.