An Open Repository of Real-Time COVID-19 Indicators

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An Open Repository of Real-Time COVID-19 Indicators

TitleAn Open Repository of Real-Time COVID-19 Indicators
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsReinhart, A, Brooks, L, Jahja, M, Rumack, A, Tang, J, Saeed, WAl, Arnold, T, Basu, A, Bien, J, Cabrera, ÁA, Chin, A, Chua, EJing, Clark, B, DeFries, N, Forlizzi, J, Gratzl, S, Green, A, Haff, G, Han, R, Hu, AJ, Hyun, S, Joshi, A, Kim, J, Kuznetsov, A, La Motte-Kerr, W, Lee, YJin, Lee, K, Lipton, ZC, Liu, MX, Mackey, L, Mazaitis, K, McDonald, DJ, Narasimhan, B, Oliveira, NL, Patil, P, Perer, A, Politsch, CA, Rajanala, S, Rucker, D, Shah, NH, Shankar, V, Sharpnack, J, Shemetov, D, Simon, N, Srivastava, V, Tan, S, Tibshirani, R, Tuzhilina, E, Van Nortwick, AKarina, Ventura, V, Wasserman, L, Weiss, JC, Williams, K, Rosenfeld, R, Tibshirani, RJ
JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences