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Technical Reports


Yanling Cai, Jing Cai, Jessica Chen, Shirin Golchi, Meijiao Guan, Mohammad E. Karim, Yang Liu, Jabed Tomal, Chao Xiong, Yongliang Zhai, Conroy Lum, William J. Welch, James V. Zidek: "An empirical experiment to assess the relationship between the tensile and bending strengths of lumber", Mar 2016. (pdf)


Nathaniel K. Newlands and David Stephens: "Increasing Confidence in Agricultural Crop Forecasts and Climate Adaptation Decisions with Causality Analysis", Mar 2015. (pdf)


Reza Hosseini, Nathaniel K. Newlands, Charmaine B. Dean, and Akimichi Takemura: "Statistical modeling of soil moisture, integrating satellite remote-sensing (SAR) and ground-based data", Jan 2015. (pdf)


Yumi Kondo and James V Zidek: "Bayesian nonparametric subset selection procedures with Weibull components", May 2013. (pdf)


Brad Jianhe Wang, Hongbin Zhang, Lang Wu, Suyong Huang, James V Zidek, Jianxiong Lu: "Property Modeling of Changbai Larch Veneers in Relation to Stand and Tree Variables", Mar 2013. (pdf)


Yongliang Zhai, Nancy Heckman, Conroy Lum, Ciprian Pirvu, Lang Wu, James V Zidek: "Stochastic models for the effects of duration of load on lumber properties", Dec 2012. (pdf)


Yongliang Zhai, Ciprian Pirvu, Nancy Heckman, Conroy Lum, Lang Wu, James V Zidek: "A review of dynamic duration of load models for lumber strength", Nov 2012. (pdf)


Yan Cheng, Lang Wu, Conroy Lum, James V Zidek, Xiaoli Yu: "Wood Property Relationships and Survival", Nov 2012. (pdf)


Gavin Shaddick, James V Zidek: "Unbiasing estimates from preferentially sampled spatial data", Sep 2012. (pdf)


Gavin Shaddick, James V Zidek: "Preferential sampling in long term monitoring of air pollution: a case study", Sep 2012. (pdf)