Paul Gerhard Kinas

Don Ludwig

Bayesian statistics for fishery stock assessment and management

University in Rio Grande, Brazil

Wade Blanshard

Juxin Liu

Forecasting value-weighted real returns of TSE portfolios using dividend yields.

Consultant, Dept of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing, Dalhousie Univ

Danielle Chew

Andrew Coldman

Identification of risk factors associated with cervical Intra-epithelial neoplasia among women in British Columbia

Anona Thorne

James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Studies in applied statistics: ship hull design optimization and endogamous group comparisons

Statistician, St Paul's Hospital

Xiaohua Wang

Juxin Liu

Modelling daily returns of New York Stock Exchange by time series with noises having stable distributions

Statistician, St Paul's Hospital

Hongbin Zhang

Harry Joe

Risk prediction models for binary response variables for the coronary bypass operation

Statistics and Consulting Laboratory, UBC