Eve Rainville

Ruben H Zamar

A Comparison Between Several One-Step M-Estimators of Location and Dispersion in the Presence of a Nuisance Parameter

Cryptyologic Group, Communications Security Establishment, Ottawa

Shoujun Luo

Martin Puterman

Markov Generalized Linear Model and Modeling of Epileptic Seizure Data

Statistical and Programming Analyst, Glassco Park Inc. Surrey, B.C.

Joe Kelly

Harry Joe

Proficiency Testing in Clinical Chemistry

Senior Consultant, Arthur Andersen LLP, Vancouver, BC

Cheryl Garden

Martin Puterman

Modeling Zero Inflated Count Data

Statistician, Canadian Pacific Railway, Calgary, Alberta

Paige Eveson

Jean Meloche

The Not-So-Smoother: A Discontinuity Preserving Smoothing Method

Research Biometrician, Dept. of Fisheries, Nanaimo, B.C.

Grace Chiu

James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Effect of Misspecified Response Correlation in Regression Analysis

Lecturer, Coquitlam College

James (Jianmeng) Xu

Harry Joe

Statistical Modelling and Inference for Multivariate and Longitudinal Discrete Response Data

Statistical Consultant, Market Knowledge, Inc., Chicago

Xuekun Song

Bent Jorgensen

Some Statistical Models for the Multivariate Analysis of Longitudinal Data

Assistant Professor, York University

Xiaochun Li

Nancy E. Heckman

Local Linear Regression versus Backcalculation in Forecasting

Post-Doctoral Fellow, CRM (Centre de Recherches Mathematiques), ISM (Institute des Sciences Mathematiques), and UQAM (Universite du Quebec a Montreal)