Man-Po Lai

Ruben H Zamar

Robust Tests on the Equality of Variances

MSc student, Mathematical Finance, UBC

Daphne Guh

John Petkau

Procedures for Multiple Outcome Measures with Applications to Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials

Statistical Analyst, Health Research Centre, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver

Billy Ching

Bent Jorgensen

Analysis of Longitudinal Data of Mixed Types using a State Space Model Approach

Demonstrator / instructor, University of Hong Kong

Yulia Dyachkova

John Petkau

Analysis of Longitudinal Data from the Betaseron Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trial

Statistical Analyst, Department of Pathology, Pulmonary Research Lab, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Ao Yuan

Bertrand Clarke

A Minimally Informative Likelihood Approach to Bayesian Inference and Decision Analysis

Post-doctoral Fellow, Statistics Research Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

Sonia Mazzi

Piet de jong

The Model Based Approach to Smoothing

Lecturer, Dept. of Economics, University of Hull, England