Lisa Kuramoto

Harry Joe

Investigating a Variance-Components Approach for Linkage Analysis in Quantitative Traits

Statistician, Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation, Vancouver Hospital

Jafar Khan

Ruben H. Zamar

Globally Robust Inference for Simple Linear Regression Models with Repeated Median Slope Estimator

Ph.D. student, UBC

Audrey (Qiuyan) Fu

James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Case Study: Inference for Spatial Random Rainfall Fields

Ph.D. student, University of Washington

Eishita Ali

Lang Wu

Imputation Methods for Missing Covariates in Nonlinear Mixed-effects Models, with Application in AIDS Studies

Statistician, Dhaka Bank, Bangladesh

Rong Zhu

Harry Joe

On Continuous-Time Generalized AR(1) Processes: Models, Statistical Inference, and Applications to Non-normal Time Series

Sessional lecturer, Faculty of Commerce, UBC