Lisa Kuramoto

Harry Joe

Investigating a Variance-Components Approach for Linkage Analysis in Quantitative Traits

Statistician, Centre for Clinical Epidemiology & Evaluation, Vancouver Hospital

Jafar Khan

Ruben H Zamar

Globally Robust Inference for Simple Linear Regression Models with Repeated Median Slope Estimator

Ph.D. student, UBC

Audrey (Qiuyan) Fu

James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Case Study: Inference for Spatial Random Rainfall Fields

Ph.D. student, University of Washington

Eishita Ali

Lang Wu

Imputation Methods for Missing Covariates in Nonlinear Mixed-effects Models, with Application in AIDS Studies

Statistician, Dhaka Bank, Bangladesh

Rong Zhu

Harry Joe

On Continuous-Time Generalized AR(1) Processes: Models, Statistical Inference, and Applications to Non-normal Time Series

Sessional lecturer, Faculty of Commerce, UBC