Xuekui Zhang

Nancy E. Heckman

Simultaneous Non-Parametric Constrained Regressions of Unbalanced Longitudinal Data

Statistician, iCapture Centre, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Mary Nirupama Royerr

Andrew Coldman

Effect of Shorter Screening Intervals on the Survival Probability of Women Diagnosed with Breast

Biostatistician, Fisheries Centre, UBC

Michael Regier

Maria C. Barroetavena
Ruben H Zamar

Does Culture Affect the Location of Death among Cancer Patients in British Columbia?: A Pilot Study Utilizing Standard and Novel Statistical Methods in End-of-Life Research

PhD Student Department of Statistics, UBC

Mushfiqur Rahman

Paul Gustafson

Bayesian Curve Fitting with Roughness Penalty Prior Distributions

Data Analyst, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada

Michael Marin

A Novel Meta-Analysis of Disparate Datasets in Stem Cell Culture

Sessional Instructor, UBC

Greta Lozano-Ortega

Co-op Report

Statistician, Oxford Outcomes Canada, Ltd.

Karissa Johnston

Co-op Report

PhD Student Health Care and Epidemiology, UBC

Shijun Song

Lang Wu
Harry Joe

Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models with Dropout and Missing Covariates When the Dropout Depends on the Random Effects

PhD Student Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Isabella Ghement

Nancy E. Heckman

Inference in Partially Linear Models with Correlated Errors

Statistical Consultant and Trainer, Ghement Statistical Consulting Company