Kimberly Ann Fernandes

John Petkau

Comparing the Validity and Performance of Four Analysis Methods for Small Cluster Randomized Studies with Small Intra-Class Correlations.

Biostatistician, Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, St.Paul's Hospital, Vancouver

Aline Tabet

Kevin Murphy
Arnaud Doucet

Bayesian Inference in the Multivariate Probit Model

PhD student, Department of Statistics, UBC

Rong Chu

Paul Gustafson

Bayesian Adjustment for Exposure Misclassification in Case-Control Studies

Asst. Biostatistics Manager, Agensys.

Wen Zhang

Co-op Report

Biostatistician, Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, St.Paul's Hospital, Vancouver

Wei Wang

Nancy E. Heckman

Linear Mixed Models in Functional Regression

Research Associate, Department of Statistics, UBC

Zhong Liu

James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Combining Deterministic and Statistical Methods in Modeling Environmental Processes

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Statistics, UBC

Md. Shahadut Hossain

Paul Gustafson

Dealing with Measurement Error in Covariates with Special Reference to Logistic Regression Model: A Flexible Parametric Approach

Post-doctoral Fellow at BC Cancer Agency

Juxin Liu

Paul Gustafson

Average Effects for Regression Models with Misspecifications and Diffuse Interaction Models

Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Alberta

Lawrence McCandless

Paul Gustafson

Bayesian Propensity Score Analysis for Observational Data

Research Associate in Biostatistics, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Imperial College, London UK

Jean-Francois Plante

James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.

Adaptive Likelihood Weights and Mixtures of Empirical Distributions

Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto