Hao (Nelson) Chen

William J. Welch

Bayesian Prediction and Inference in Analysis of Computer Experiments

Research Assistant - Dept. of Statistics, UBC

Guang (Jack) Yang

John Petkau

Analysis of Rating Methods for Team Based Games

Dorji Pelzom

Lang Wu

Co-op Report

Jabed Tomal

William J. Welch
Ruben H Zamar

Rare-Class Classification using Ensembles of Subset Variables

Research Assistant - Dept. of Statistics, UBC

Chaoxiong (Michelle) Xia

Paul Gustafson

Bayesian Methods for Alleviating Identification Issues with Applications in Health and Insurance Areas

Assistant Professor - North Illinois University

Camila Pedroso Estevan de Souza

Nancy E. Heckman

Switching Non-Parametric Regression Models

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - UBC Dept. of Statistics

Aline Talhouk

Paul Gustafson
Arnaud Doucet

Modeling Dependancies in Multivariate Data

Post-doctoral Research Fellow - BC Cancer Agency