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Statistics students gain valuable experience and network connections attending 2023 SSC Case Studies in Data Analysis Competition

2023 SSC Case Studies in Data Analysis Poster Competition was held on Monday, May 29, 2023 at Carleton University, Ottawa, ON. The case studies are intended to provide enthusiastic teams of graduate and senior undergraduate students with the opportunity to use data analysis to address issues of current importance in society. Each participating team chooses to analyze one of the two studies described on the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) website. Each team is strongly encouraged to identify a faculty member to support the members as they develop their analytic approach and final presentation. Team members work together to present a poster summarizing their methods and analysis results.

UBC Statistics students, Lily Xia (Ph.D. student) and Abhinav Kansal (undergraduate student), traveled to Carleton University in Ottawa, ON to participate in this competition.

Lily Xia and her team members, Yea Yoon Lee (Ph.D. student in UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Laura Lim Huey Mien (Ph.D. student in National University of Singapore), worked on the Case Study #1: Optimizing Patient Flow in Emergency Department.

Lily Xia at 2023 SSC Case Studies in Data Analysis Competition.

“I was particularly thrilled to receive numerous compliments during the virtual competition. It was incredibly encouraging to hear positive feedback from different researchers and peers,” said Lily. “Although our team did not emerge as the winner of this case, I view this competition as an invaluable learning experience.”

Abhinav Kansa and his team members from UBC, Divyansh Sharma (undergraduate student in Computer Science), Aditya Chinchure (M.Sc. student in Computer Science), and Kashish Joshipura (undergraduate student in Statistics), worked on the Case Study #2: Understanding how Canada’s economy might be impacted by climate change.

Abhinav Kansal explaining his case study to attendee during 2023 Case Studies in Data Analysis Competition held May 29, 2023.

“The opportunity to present among seasoned professionals and researchers was both humbling and motivating,” said Abhinav. “This experience has had a profound impact on my career aspirations. It has solidified my passion for data analysis and machine learning, and inspired me to further explore these fields. The recognition we received has motivated me to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the data-driven world. I am eager to contribute my knowledge and skills to make a significant impact in these domains.”

June 15, 2023