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PhD/MSc Alumni


Thesis Title: Co-op report
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: An Adaptive Clinical Trial Design for a Sensitive Subgroup Examined in the Multiple Sclerosis Context
Supervisor: John Petkau
First Position: PhD Student, Epidemiology, McGill University
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Multivariate one-sided tests for multivariate normal and nonlinear mixed effects models with complete and incomplete data
Supervisor: Lang Wu
First Position: Research Scientist, Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: Joint Inference for Longitudinal and Survival Data with Incomplete Time-dependent Covariates
Supervisor: Lang Wu
First Position: Statistician, Center for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences
Current Position: Biostatistician, University of Michigan, USA
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Mixture Models for Analysing High Throughput Sequencing Data
First Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Bio Statistics Department
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: Co-op Report
First Position: Programmer/Biostatistician at ICES-Queen's
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Co-op Report
First Position: Statistical Analyst, Research in Motion
Current Position: Statistician, Telus, Vancouver
Program: MSc


Thesis Title: Formal and Informal Approaches to Adjusting for Exposure Mismeasurement
Supervisor: Paul Gustafson
First Position: Biostatistical Analyst, QLT Inc.
Thesis Title: Application to Phenological Data
First Position: PhD Student, Department of Statistics, UBC
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Finding Determinants of the Expected Stocks Returns for the 1993-2007 Period
Supervisor: Harry Joe
First Position: Mathematical Statistician for Statistics Canada in Ottawa, ON
Program: MSc