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PhD/MSc Alumni


Thesis Title: Co-op Report
First Position: PhD Student Health Care and Epidemiology, UBC
Current Position: Director of Epidemiology, Oxford Outcomes
Program: M.Sc.
Thesis Title: Co-op Report
First Position: Statistician, Oxford Outcomes Canada, Ltd.
Program: M.Sc.
Thesis Title: A Novel Meta-Analysis of Disparate Datasets in Stem Cell Culture
Supervisor: Jennifer Bryan
First Position: Sessional Instructor, UBC
Program: M.Sc.
Thesis Title: Bayesian Curve Fitting with Roughness Penalty Prior Distributions
Supervisor: Paul Gustafson
First Position: Data Analyst, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
Program: M.Sc.
Thesis Title: Does Culture Affect the Location of Death among Cancer Patients in British Columbia?: A Pilot Study Utilizing Standard and Novel Statistical Methods in End-of-Life Research
Supervisor: Maria C. Barroetavena
First Position: PhD Student Department of Statistics, UBC
Program: M.Sc.
Thesis Title: Effect of Shorter Screening Intervals on the Survival Probability of Women Diagnosed with Breast
Supervisor: Andrew Coldman
First Position: Biostatistician, Fisheries Centre, UBC
Program: M.Sc.
Thesis Title: Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models with Dropout and Missing Covariates When the Dropout Depends on the Random Effects
Supervisor: Lang Wu, Harry Joe
First Position: PhD Student Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Current Position: Google Inc.
Program: M.Sc.
Thesis Title: Simultaneous Non-Parametric Constrained Regressions of Unbalanced Longitudinal Data
Supervisor: Nancy E. Heckman
First Position: Position: Statistician, iCapture Centre, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Program: M.Sc.


Thesis Title: Separation Index, Variable Selection and Sequential Algorithm for Cluster Analysis
Supervisor: Harry Joe
First Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Channing Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Program: Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Statistical Modelling and Inference for Discrete and Censored Familial Data
Supervisor: Harry Joe
First Position: Post-doctoral fellow, Vancouver Hospital
Current Position: Research Associate: Pharmacoepidemiology in Multiple Sclerosis Research Group, UBC
Program: Ph.D.