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PhD/MSc Alumni


Thesis Title: Robust Tests on the Equality of Variances
Supervisor: Ruben H Zamar
First Position: MSc student, Mathematical Finance, UBC
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: The Model Based Approach to Smoothing
Supervisor: Piet de jong
First Position: Lecturer, Dept. of Economics, University of Hull, England
Current Position: Lecturer, Dept. of Mathematics, University of York, England
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: A Minimally Informative Likelihood Approach to Bayesian Inference and Decision Analysis
Supervisor: Bertrand Clarke
First Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, Statistics Research Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Current Position: Research Fellow, National Human Genome Center, Howard University, Washington, DC
Program: PhD


Thesis Title: Effect of Misspecified Response Correlation in Regression Analysis
First Position: Lecturer, Coquitlam College
Current Position: Associate Professor of Environmental Statistics | Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William & Mary
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: The Not-So-Smoother: A Discontinuity Preserving Smoothing Method
Supervisor: Jean Meloche
First Position: Research Biometrician, Dept. of Fisheries, Nanaimo, B.C.
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Modeling Zero Inflated Count Data
Supervisor: Martin Puterman
First Position: Statistician, Canadian Pacific Railway, Calgary, Alberta
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Proficiency Testing in Clinical Chemistry
Supervisor: Harry Joe
First Position: Senior Consultant, Arthur Andersen LLP, Vancouver, BC
Current Position: Director, Strategic Services, /InterVISTAS Consulting Inc, Vancouver
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Local Linear Regression versus Backcalculation in Forecasting
Supervisor: Nancy E. Heckman
First Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, CRM (Centre de Recherches Mathematiques), ISM (Institute des Sciences Mathematiques), and UQAM (Universite du Quebec a Montreal)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Biostatistics, Indiana University, Dept of Medicine
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: Markov Generalized Linear Model and Modeling of Epileptic Seizure Data
Supervisor: Martin Puterman
First Position: Statistical and Programming Analyst, Glassco Park Inc. Surrey, B.C.
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: A Comparison Between Several One-Step M-Estimators of Location and Dispersion in the Presence of a Nuisance Parameter
Supervisor: Ruben H Zamar
First Position: Cryptyologic Group, Communications Security Establishment, Ottawa
Program: MSc