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Andy Leung receives 2013/2014 Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Statistics PhD candidate Andy Leung, has received a 2013/14 Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for his valued contributions to the teaching and learning mission of UBC.  This is a very big honour - only 5 are awarded in all of the Faculty of Science.   Thank you, Andy, on behalf of the Department -  of the graduate students you have mentored, of the undergraduates in courses where you have had an impact, of the faculty with whom you have worked.

Congratulations to Andy...

Robert Tibshirani, Constance van Eden Invited Speaker

Robert Tibshirani is a Professor in the Departments of Statistics and Health Research and Policy at Stanford University, internationally known for his work in data mining and applied statistics. He develops statistical tools and makes exceptional contributions to methodology and theory for the analysis of complex data sets, for smoothing and regression methodology, in statistical learning and classification, and in application areas that include public health, genomics, and...

Stat 450 and 550 Poster Session

Poster Session for STAT 450
When: April 8th, 9:30-11:30
Where: ESB Atrium
Come and see what the students of Stat 450 and 550 have been up to this semester!

Poster 1: Home-Fortification with Micronutrient Powders (MNP) in Rwanda
Researcher: Kristina Michaux, Department of Human Nutrition
STAT450: Yung Ming Huang, Angela Cotton, Chuan Zhang...

Yumi Kondo and Andy Leung awarded Statistics Dept. Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards

Andy Leung and Yumi Kondo have been awarded Statistics Department Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards. Both have contributed in many important ways to the teaching mission of the Department, through their direct work in courses and also through TA training and mentoring. And I understand that Andy plays a large part in graduate education - keeping graduate students well-informed re computing skills.

Thank you, Andy and Yumi, for your hard work!

Statistics Undergraduate Newsletter

The Department launches the first newsletter, to provide undergraduates with information about Department activities and various deadlines.  We anticipate having issues of the newsletter published twice a semester.   For comments and suggested content, please email ugradnewsletter at stat dot ubc dot ca.

To have links within the pdf active, please click and open in adobe acrobat or preview or download.
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Trevor Hastie will give a PIMS Public Lecture on September 19 at 4pm

For information on this event, please see:

Statistics Imagine Day 2013

September 3rd, 2013
Earth Sciences Building Room 2012
***all students are welcome***

Vincenzo Coia receives Governer General's Gold Medal

Congratulations Vincenzo! Vincenzo Coia, currently a PhD student in the Department, received the Governor General's Gold Medal at Brock University for his outstanding record in this Master's program in Mathematics and Statistics. His Master's thesis, supervised by Prof. Mei Ling Huang,focused on extreme value theory and its applications in learning about extreme environmen- tal events, such as floods and hurricanes. Receiving the GG is an honor, and we're very proud of Vincenzo. For the whole...

New course: STAT 300: Intermediate Statistics for Applications

The Department of Statistics would like to draw your attention to STAT 300, a course offered in its revised form for the first time last year. The course aims to be a general second course in Statistics, accessible to any student who has taken a traditional introductory course in the subject (such as STAT 200, BIOL 300, COMM 291, POLI 380). The course is suitable both for Statistics majors and for those majoring in other subjects. Indeed, about half of the students enrolled in fall 2012-2013...

Lorraine Schwartz prize winner for 2012 announced

The Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Lorraine Schwartz Prize is Roland Bauerschmidt, PhD student in Mathematics.

In memory of Dr. Lorraine Schwartz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics from 1960-65, her friends and colleagues established this prize in 1966. It is awarded annually for distinctions in the fields of statistics and probability to an undergraduate or graduate student upon...