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Trevor Hastie will give a PIMS Public Lecture on September 19 at 4pm

For information on this event, please see:

Statistics Imagine Day 2013

September 3rd, 2013
Earth Sciences Building Room 2012
***all students are welcome***

Vincenzo Coia receives Governer General's Gold Medal

Congratulations Vincenzo! Vincenzo Coia, currently a PhD student in the Department, received the Governor General's Gold Medal at Brock University for his outstanding record in this Master's program in Mathematics and Statistics. His Master's thesis, supervised by Prof. Mei Ling Huang,focused on extreme value theory and its applications in learning about extreme environmen- tal events, such as floods and hurricanes. Receiving the GG is an honor, and we're very proud of Vincenzo. For the whole...

New course: STAT 300: Intermediate Statistics for Applications

The Department of Statistics would like to draw your attention to STAT 300, a course offered in its revised form for the first time last year. The course aims to be a general second course in Statistics, accessible to any student who has taken a traditional introductory course in the subject (such as STAT 200, BIOL 300, COMM 291, POLI 380). The course is suitable both for Statistics majors and for those majoring in other subjects. Indeed, about half of the students enrolled in fall 2012-2013...

Lorraine Schwartz prize winner for 2012 announced

The Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistics are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Lorraine Schwartz Prize is Roland Bauerschmidt, PhD student in Mathematics.

In memory of Dr. Lorraine Schwartz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics from 1960-65, her friends and colleagues established this prize in 1966. It is awarded annually for distinctions in the fields of statistics and probability to an undergraduate or graduate student upon...

2012 Stanley W. Nash Medal Recipient- Ken Lau

The Awards Committee is delighted to announce that Ken Lau is the 2013 winner of the Nash Medal.

The Nash Medal is given to the most outstanding graduating student in the B.Sc. program in Statistics. The Medal honours Prof Stanley Nash (1915-2001), recognizing his service to statistics over his more than forty years at UBC. You can read more about Professor Nash and see the list of past recipients of the Medal at

UBC Statistics Alum Luke Bornn wins Pierre Robillard Award

Luke Bornn, former PhD student, has received the Pierre Robillard Award, given annually by the Statistical Society of Canada to recognize the best PhD thesis in probability or statistics defended at a Canadian university during the previous year. Luke's thesis, entitled 'Modeling Latent Correlation Structures with Application to Agricultural and Environmental Science' was co-supervised by Jim Zidek and Arnaud Doucet.

Luke is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of...

Peggy Ng wins Faculty of Science Achievement Award

Peggy Ng has received a Faculty of Science Achievement Award. These awards recognize exceptional contributions of faculty, staff and students. She will receive her award at a reception on May 14, following the usually short end of year Faculty of Science meeting (meeting starts at 2:30), St John's College.

She has won the award for her dedication to the Statistics Department, for her work in developing Department policies and procedures that promote efficiency and fairness,...

Luke Bornn - Faculty of Science Graduate Prize

Luke Bornn, who recently received his PhD from our department, is this year's recipient of the Faculty of Science Graduate Prize, given to the graduating Doctoral student who is deemed best in the graduating class in the Faculty of Science. The recipient of this award is the Faculty of Science's nominee for the UBC Governor General's Gold Medal - winner to be announced during graduation.

Skylight Development Grant awarded to Stat dept. members

Jenny Bryan, Rick White, and Davor Cubranic were awarded a Skylight Development Grant from the Office of the Dean of Science. They will use the funds to assemble a "toolkit" for managing and delivering of data analytic course material.