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Poster Session for STAT 450

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 - 09:00 to 10:00
STAT 450 Students
Poster Session
ESB Atrium - East Corridor (PME Gallery)

STAT 450 students have worked collaboratively on real case studies brought by researchers from other disciplines. Supervised by the teaching team, STAT 450 students performed various statistical analyses to address their “client’s” questions. Results from seven exciting projects are presented in this poster session.

Poster 1: Comparison of Ovarian Cancer Patients at a Publicly Funded Hereditary Cancer Program: 1997-2021

Collaborators: Alexandra Roston and Dr. Kasmintan Schrader (Clinician Investigator Program / Medical Genetics, UBC)

STAT 450 Team: Jacqueline Jia, Barrichello Noor, Teresa Tan, Lotus Wei

This project focuses on identifying patient characteristics associated with underrepresented or declined genetic testing for ovarian cancer among patients assessed at the Hereditary Cancer Program (HCP) in British Columbia. The study compares these characteristics with those of patients and family members referred due to other cancers, using two Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) to assess genetic counseling quality. The hypotheses being tested include significant differences in decision-making and quality assurance measures between patient populations and a decreasing time from referral to results. The study hopes to identify potential ovarian-cancer-specific distress to improve the quality of genetic counseling and testing for these patients.

Poster 2: Fire-Climate Relationships in Continental Southeast Asia

Collaborators: Andrea Ku and Dr. Naomi Schwartz (Geography, UBC)

STAT 450 Team: Vanessa Cheung, Donghwa (Alex) Han, Qichen Huang, Anthony Wu

Using data on rainfall patterns and fire regimes in Southeast Asia (SEA) over the past 20 years, we analyze how the fire-climate relationship varies geographically throughout the continent. We find that measures of drought and percentage of natural vegetation have highly significant effects on fire activity, but that fire patterns do not vary according to any geographical pattern.

Poster 3: Characterizing dominance in free stall housed dairy cattle based on competitive behavior at the water trough

Collaborators: Bianca Vandresen, Borbala Foris, Kehen Sheng and Marina A.G. von Keyserlingk (Animal Welfare Program, Applied Animal Biology, UBC)

STAT 450 Team: Helen Chen, Annie (Zining) Wang, Yunhui Zhu

We investigate the social hierarchy among a dynamic group of 48 dairy cows as an approach to improve herd management and animal welfare. This project aims to assess the capability of measuring cows’ dominance hierarchy at water bins and the effect of the Temperature Humidity Index (THI).

Poster 4: The effect of elevated CO2 on plant hormonal defenses and plant-insect interactions

Collaborators: Jimmy Ha and Juli Carrillo (Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems, UBC)

STAT 450 Team:  Bob Chen, Jiaying Liao, Valdi Ratu, Tony Yin

Carbon dioxide levels are projected to rise to double the current amount within the next century. Previous studies have shown that at as carbon dioxide levels rise, the defensive mechanisms of plants are known to be weakened against insects and pests. The objective of this study is to determine the effects of elevated carbon dioxide levels on tomato defenses, and how the performance changes depending on insect species.

Poster 5: The Effect of a Western Diet on Anastomotic Healing and Postoperative Recovery

Collaborator: Michael Guo (Division of General Surgery, UBC)

STAT 450 Team:  Karina Grewal, Martin Pi, Hrithik Soni, Sam Zhang

Our project explores the effects of western diet (high fat, low fibre) versus standard diet (low fat, high fibre) and the use of perioperative antibiotics on anastomotic healing in mice. To quantitatively measure the healing of a postoperative colon in mice, we look at the post-operative weights over time, survival probability, anastomotic healing score, and colony counts in tissue and stool sample.

Poster 6: Is a history of sexual abuse associated with lower trait mindfulness?

Collaborator: Sara Cole (Psychology, Sexual Health Research (SHR) Lab, UBC)

STAT 450 Team:  Anastasia Ivanova, Tianne Lee, Henry Liu, Christen Ye

In this project, we aim to explore whether unwanted sexual contact (USC) experienced by women is associated with lower mindfulness. Our results suggest that there is no significant difference in total mindfulness scores between women who experienced USC against those who have not; yet, there exist some differences when we look at individual components of the mindfulness score.

Poster 7: Barriers for the inclusion of clinicians living with disabilities in healthcare professions in B.C.: employers' and employees’ perspectives

Collaborator: Tal Jarus (Department of Occupational Sciences and Occupational Therapy, UBC)

STAT 450 Team:  Ian Leung, Jingxuan Ma, Linda Wang

There has been a lack of research regarding the inclusion of clinicians living with disabilities from employers’ or employees’ perspectives. We aim to bridge the gap in knowledge and investigate the difficulties faced by clinicians living with disabilities in terms of attitudes, barriers, and knowledge aspects.