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Poster Session for STAT 450

Wednesday, April 10, 2024 - 09:00 to 10:15
STAT 450 Students
Poster Session
ESB Atrium - East Corridor (PME Gallery)

STAT 450 students have worked collaboratively on real case studies brought by researchers from other disciplines. Supervised by the teaching team, STAT 450 students performed various statistical analyses to address their “client’s” questions. Results from seven exciting projects are presented in this poster session.

Poster 1: Studying Multifaceted Factors Influencing Outcome of a Learning Task in Domestic Dogs 

Collaborator: Amin Azadian (Animal Welfare Program, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBC) 

STAT 450 Team: Yihang He, Ishraq Mostafa, Kevin Nguyen, Erin Ren 

In this study, we explore the myriad factors influencing canine learning outcomes, moving beyond the traditional focus on breed. Utilizing advanced statistical methods, including logistic regression and random forest, we dissect how variables such as command knowledge, food responsiveness, and the owner's training approach play pivotal roles in shaping a dog's ability to learn. 

Poster 2: Myocardial Injury after Non-cardiac Surgery (MINS) in Kidney Transplant Patients 

Collaborators: Dr. Krishnan Ramanathan and Arya Ardehali (UBC Faculty of Medicine) 

STAT 450 Team: Helen He, Florence Wang, Edward Wang, Zhengxiang Zhou 

Working at the intersection of healthcare and statistical analysis, we have joined forces to tackle the challenge of predicting Major Adverse Cardiac Events in chronic kidney disease patients following kidney transplants. Using comprehensive data from St. Paul's Hospital, the team has explored important predictors such as troponin levels and patient lifestyle factors, with the goal of providing helpful insight into post-transplant care. 

Poster 3: The effects of mechanical cutting and litter removal on tidal marsh plant communities invaded by hybrid cattail (Typha x glauca) in the Fraser River Estuary 

Collaborator: Daniel Stewart (UBC Forestry and Asarum Ecological Consulting) 

STAT 450 Team: Yutong Chen, Sky Kim, Bohui Liu, Erich Yu 

Hybrid cattail is an invasive species affecting the Fraser River Estuary and the effective measure for volume control is of huge interest. Randomized cutting and litter removal treatments on hybrid cattails were conducted and the data was collected over a four year period to investigate the effect of the different treatments on the cattail growth and native species richness. 

Poster 4: Assessing Cohort-based Vaccine-related Interventions in Newcomer Women 

Collaborator: Ou Jia (Emilie) Wang (UBC Faculty of Medicine, Vancouver Fraser Medical Program) 

STAT 450 Team: Hanxi Chen, Xing Liu, Chenyue Qian, Haonan Su 

Newcomer women often meet many challenges after settling in a new country, which may affect their vaccine confidence. To investigate the capability of community-building workshops on vaccine confidence of newcomer women in BC, this study aims to assess how vaccine confidence would change post-workshop, as well as find out demographic factors that have strong associations with workshop effectiveness. 

Poster 5: Study of Prolapse-Induced Cervical Elongation (SPICE-2): Descriptive Observational Study with Prospective Cohort 

Collaborator: Lina Roa (Division of Gynaecologic Specialties, St. Paul’s Hospital) 

STAT 450 Team: Edison Le, Yang Lei, Lawrence Tang, Amy Zhong 

Understanding cervical length is important because it offers insights into treatment of women with symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse (POP). This study investigates the association between demographic and physical exam characteristics associated with cervical elongation in women with POP undergoing hysterectomy and repairs. Additionally, the study examines the correlation between cervical length measurements obtained from office pelvic exams and those from hysterectomy samples. 

Poster 6: Single blinded randomized control study comparing ametop alone with ametop plus vapocoolant spray to reduce pain on intravenous insertion in pediatric patients 

Collaborator: Dr. Louis Scheepers (Department of Pediatric Anesthesia, BC Children's Hospital) 

STAT 450 Team: Fabiola Grace, Runhe Guo, Maggie Ruan, Yimin You 

This project aims to reduce discomfort during intravenous (IV) insertions in pediatric patients by comparing the effectiveness of Ametop gel alone and the combination of Ametop gel and vapocoolant spray. The randomized controlled experiment analyzed the pain levels, and it was found that combining Ametop gel with vapocoolant spray provides better pain relief. 

Poster 7: Trends in Race and Sex of American Pediatric Departments: Data Analysis of Over 50 Years of History 

Collaborator: Sobhan Mardan (Department of Radiology, Vancouver General Hospital) 

STAT 450 Team: Henry Tian, Kevin Wang, Justin Wong, Cheng Zhang 

To investigate the representation of minority groups in medical academia, we analyze race and sex counts and proportions over the past five decades in American pediatric departments. Our study reveals insights, trends, and associations in race and sex for various ranking types.